LeahlaniJohnson | Referring to its Momentary Shift, Parts I-V 2013
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Referring to its Momentary Shift, Parts I-V

Tiny Stadiums Festival, Sydney, curated by Groundwork

16 – 23 November 2013
(mediums and dimensions variable, please see individual images for details)

Referring to its Momentary Shift, Parts I-V is a series of five site–specific assemblages that explored the dialogue between a static installation and a public space, as part of the 2013 Tiny Stadiums Festival in Erskineville, Sydney. Through collaborating with several local organisations, including RailCorp, The Fruit Village and The Hive Bar, the mixed media works were created to operate as a type of memorial to unsung spaces, within their businesses. The pieces were installed during the first week of the festival and remained a constant between the two week event, providing a contradictory experience to the transient sites as they lingered and gradually altered form.

Tiny Stadiums is an annual festival of live art and performance infiltrating the streets of Erskineville and the PACT venues in Sydney. Curated by Groundwork (Christopher Hodge, Amelia Wallin, Maria White) in 2013, artists included Natalie Abbott, Ella Barclay, Hossein Ghaemi, Jen Hamilton & Craig Johnson, Leahlani Johnson, Bennett Miller, Imogen Semmler, Kailana Sommer and zin.
For further festival program information please see here.

Photography: Lucy Parakhina

Green Ban Park, Erskineville
Green Ban Park, Erskineville

Part I (installation view), acrylic paint on synthetic fabric, velvet, plant material, paper, 1.2m (h) x 0.7m (w)

park close fixed 2
park close large brown
park flower close
Railway Station (RailCorp), Erskineville
Railway Station (RailCorp), Erskineville

Part II (installation view), acrylic paint on synthetic fabric, vinyl, wood, plastic tape, plant material, metal, paper,  2.2m  (h) x 3.2m (w)

train side 2
Image: Artist
train crop Garry Trinh 2
Image: Garry Trinh
train close 1
The Fruit Village, Erskineville
The Fruit Village, Erskineville
Part III (installation view), acrylic paint on paper,plant material, 0.4m (h) x 1.m (w) x 0.3m (d)
small LJ TS Fruit 1
fruit close leaves
fruit inside 1
fruit inside 3
The Hive Bar, Erskineville
The Hive Bar, Erskineville
Part IV (installation view), acrylic paint on paper, plastic tape, velvet, plant material, metal, 2.1m (h) x 6m (w) x 0.5m (d)
bar wall side road
bar wall close 1
bar wall lines
bar grass close
Allan’s Pies and Cakes, Erskineville
Allan's Pies and Cakes , Erskineville
Part V (installation view), vinyl, plant material, overall dimensions: 2m (h) x 6m (w) 
cake flower close 2