LeahlaniJohnson | There’s something so nice about not knowing everything 2010
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There's something so nice about not knowing everything

Solo exhibition

Window Gallery, Aratoi – Wairarapa Museum of Art and History, New Zealand
17 August – 29 August 2010 (Performance: 28 August 2010)
2 channel video (1 projection), paper, wool, cotton, found objects
Overall dimensions: 2.5m (h) x 11 m (w) x 3m (d)

There’s something so nice about not knowing everything was a site responsive work created within the Window Gallery at Aratoi over one week, prior to the exhibition opening. Employing materials and produce sourced locally from the area, including hand dyed wool and found objects. The exhibition site was likened to a pseudo-studio space, translating the creative process into a daily routine of gestures performed in front of a public passing audience. The exhibition explored the link between process and final outcome to evoke a greater sense of transparency, allowing for interactions, imperfections and intuitive responses.

Photography: Artist

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