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Prophetic Initiatives
Prophetic Initiatives (P.I.) is a multifaceted collaboration between Sydney based artists David Capra and Leahlani Johnson. Developed in 2009 as a ‘ministry’ to the art world, P.I. employ performance and installation to highlight the art world’s ability to house experiences that surpass the rational realm.

Further information and documentation of the projects can viewed here.
One of the branches of Prophetic Initiatives is their street ministry, Prophetic Art Stall. Documentation can be viewed here.

Projects include:
Advice Session, Performance and Residency, ‘Meeting Room’, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney. 9 January – 4 February 2012
11/11/11 11.11am Public Declaration, in Parramatta Amphitheatre, Parramatta. 11 November 2011
Ushering in New Heights, FREE FALL, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney. Curated by Kat Sepera (Chalkhorse Gallery), 28 – 30 October 2011
When Good Curators Go Bad, collaborative project with artist and curator Sophia Kouyoumdjian, MOP Projects, Sydney. Curated by Michael Dagastino, May – June 2011
Yes I Can/No Can Do, Blacktown Arts Centre, Western Sydney. Curated by Tom Polo, 24 February – 3 June 2011
Laughing Conference, MOP Projects, Sydney. 10 February – 27 February 2011
Prophetic Art Stall, part of public program of The Good, the Bad and the Muddy, Mori Gallery, Sydney. Curated by Sarah Goffman, 25 July 2009
Prophetic Art Stall for Bucket, MOP Projects, Sydney, 14 December 2009

11/11/11 11.11am Public Declaration, still from performance, 11 November 2011. Image: Sophia Kouyoumdjian