LeahlaniJohnson | Forgetting what lies behind 2015
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Forgetting what lies behind

Solo exhibition

21 November 2014 – 1 February 2015
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG), Bathurst
Gymea lily leaf, acrylic paint on wood and cardboard, oil paint on board, enamel paint, synthetic fabric, vinyl, porcelain, stoneware
Overall dimensions: 6m (w) x 6m (d) x 3m (h)

Forgetting what lies behind was a mixed media installation that explored the spaces in-between past, present and future, initially developed during a residency at Murray’s Cottage, Hill End in September 2012 with BRAG. Partial recreations of everyday objects – curtains, fences, rope, string, door mats – were created from memories of the residency site, evoking a fragmented sense of permanence, shifting between stages of recollection and the act of ‘letting go’.

Photography: Clare Lewis, courtesy Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (unless otherwise stated)

 Image: Artist